ONE KIT FOR ALL FACIAL SKINS - This Microdermabrasion/Blackhead remover vacuum has 6 adjustable suction force to meet all different skin types.

  •  Level 1-2 is for sensitive and dry skin.
  •  Level 3-4 are for normal skin.
  •  Level 5-6 are for mixed and oily skin.

Microdermabrasion/Blackhead Remover Kit comes with 4 detachable suction heads which allows you to use the correct one for your skin type/ condition, thereby it is outstanding for chin, cheek, nose and other delicate areas

USB RECHARGEABLE AND DURABLE - This Microdermabrasion/Blackhead remover features a rechargeable battery which is convenient to charge everywhere, (Home & Away ) You don't need to worry about voltage and plugs, saving you a lot of trouble for a trip away.

LED Indicator Screen shows suction force level and battery status.

Ergonomic Design provides easy usage while ABS body ensures durability.