This device has a plastic handle and holds cartridges with 12 pins.

When the device is turned on, the needles in the cartridge begin the reciprocating motion with a frequency of 3000 punctures per minute to 5500 punctures per minute.

Due to this motion, little punctures in the skin are evenly distributed. Through the punctures, the serum penetrates deep into the layers of the skin which leads to the activation process.

The injuries stimulate skin regeneration and renewal which results in a lifting and firming effect.

Is developed on the basis of the highest American Standards.


Noticeable cosmetic improvement within a few days of the first treatment.

Short healing time.

No permanent damage or injury.

No bruising, infection, discolouration or other complications.

Extremely high absorption of any active ingredients applied post-use.

Almost all skin types can be treated.

Thickens the dermis without damaging or removing epidermis.

How does The Hydra Pen work?

The needles create tiny micro-cavities in the skin's surface. This stimulates the regenerative processes that naturally take place in the skin everyday. This, in turn, stimulates an increased production of collagen and elastin causing the skin to become firmer, for scars to gradually reduce and for wrinkles to smooth out. The Pen can be used multi-directionally so the treatments can be performed on any area of the face, neck, neckline, stomach, thighs, buttocks or scalp.

Advantages of using HYDRO PEN:

Short treatment time

The precision of the procedure

Solid performance

The possibility of working in wired and wireless mode

Automatic injection depth control

Less pain and greater comfort for the patient

Shorter convalescence time