3 in 1 RF EMS Eye Care Beauty Device

$189 AUD

Rejuvenate your eyes from the comfort of your own home .

It uses high-energy head to conduct high-energy radio frequency waves deep into the skin, and heats deep skin tissues three-dimensionally  to stimulate skin collagen and fibers, reconstruct collagen scaffolds, and make skin firm instantly: Continuously stimulate collagen regeneration to maintain the long-term lifting effect. It improves skin sagging, sagging,wrinkles, dull complexion and other skin problems, and it keeps the face younger

Improves :Suitable for thin skin of the eye area to improve looseness , sagging, wrinkles, fine Lines , dark circles ,eye bags & puffiness


Step 1: Cleanse and dry the treatment area.

Step 2: Apply a thin, even layer of conductive gel or Hyaluronic Serum over the entire treatment area.

Step 3: Turn the device on and select the power setting which is most comfortable for you.

Step 4: Place the device on your skin, ensuring all electrodes are touching the skin.

Step 5: Move in a C shape from Inner under eye to Inner eyelid (under eyebrow)   For 4 mins on both eyes

Step 6: Move from upper Inner eyelid (under Eyebrow ) To Temple                        For 3 mins on both eyes

Step 7: Rinse off the conductive gel and apply moisturiser to your skin

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