Cleansing Glow Pads

$10 AUD
Color: Black

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Makeup Remover Face Cleansing pad

Can also be used to apply Tanning Mouse


Chemical free



Machine washable

The secret to penetrating skincare is a clean canvas.

Say goodbye to single use makeup wipes forever.

Introducing our environmentally friendly reusable cleansing GLOW PADS that work to eliminate daily build up, makeup and impurities on the surface of the skin, revealing a fresh complexion and uncovering a clean canvas to start the next step in your skincare routine 

How to use our cleansing GLOW PADS

1. When removing left over makeup, apply some water to your glow pad and a small amount of cleanser (pea size) and gently rub into the face in circular motions for best results rinse and repeat.

2. Wash off excess cleanser from facial puff and let it dry in a well-ventilated area ready for your next use


Can be used without cleanser for a refreshing and gentle cleanse.

Can be used with Micellar Water. 

Use to remove clay masks or chemical peels

Your new GLOW PADS may be washed in the washing machine on a gentle cycle once a week or when needed.

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