DIY Laser Hair Removal Handset New 2021

$249 AUD

Only 10 pieces in stock!


A simple solution to Permanent Hair Removal that works!

New 2021 Model with 500,000 Flashes 

Woman across the Globe are fed up with hair removal and having to constantly keep  shaving, waxing, epilating, plucking… the list goes on and on!
Plus all the time and money we spend on hair removal not to mention ingrown hairs.
The Good News is we have solved all your hair removal problems.
Our market leading and most innovative and latest technology
FDA approved  
IPL Laser Handset 

So what’s IPL?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light.

It’s  like laser, only BETTER!!

It works by sending different wave lengths of light down the hair generating heat which disables the cells responsible for hair growth.

It’s safe and effective for at home use and is hell of a lot less painful than waxing!

Plus you will save thousands by doing it from home and not in the clinics but get the same results.


You can customize the power level for your skin sensitivity, the area you’re working on and for how quickly you would like to see results.


So Simple and Easy!  How To Use Our Handsets:

  1. Shave Area To Be Treated.
  2. Turn On Device.
  3. Press Against Skin,
  4. Press Light Pulse Button.


Oh, and did we mention it’s safe to use on your face, body & BRAZILIAN!?!  Xoxo

Our Devices use IPL Laser Hair Removal to offer the Best solution to Hair Removal and keep your skin looking and feeling silky smooth all year round. IPL Laser works by using Light which is absorbed into Melanin in the Hair Follicle which is heated up by the Light from the device which then destroys the Hair Follicle and stops it growing back. Our IPL Laser Handsets are FDA APPROVED & completely safe and easy to use at Home and Get same Results from Laser Clinics without the Huge Price Tag!

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