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Zoom Laser Logged Supervised Hours

Laser Logged Supervised Hours




Any person In Qld who uses a Class 4 laser apparatus must hold an appropriate use licence.  This ensures that at the very minimum, the user has had laser safety and infection control training.

We offer student training and supervision for their required laser hours prior to applying for their unrestricted laser licence. Your practical and theory laser hours will be supervised and signed off when competency has been achieved

  • Trainee licence (the operator can commence practical training, and they maintain a logbook and must have a supervising licensee)
  • Full licence (when the operator is judged by the licensed supervisor to be competent and able to carry out procedures safely and without supervision)

Who may apply for a licence? Applicants who may seek a licence to use laser apparatus for cosmetic purposes typically include medical practitioners, registered nurses, enrolled nurses and beauty therapists.

A referral letter with your laser hours will then be sent to QLD Radiation health

Hours that are required for each treatment are.

Laser Hair Removal 25 hours

Laser Skin Rejuvenation & Pigmentation 50 hours

Laser Vascular 50 hours

Laser Tattoo Removal 100 hours

Can be paid upfront or per hour


PLEASE READ CAREFULLY – NON-MEDICALLY TRAINED – Radiation Health Queensland.Please be advised that the Radiation Health Queensland description for applicants is that they are typically described as “in nursing profession, medical background, or Beauty Therapists. Be aware that your application will be scrutinized by the Department and that the more medical background modules you have, that would accompany your application – the more solid it will be.

Who do I treat? You will be treating your own clientele  , friends, family, or colleagues during the Log Hours.We do not supply clientele so students will need to organize their own models.


$75 per hour plus gst * will be discounted for payments made upfront in full

Terms and Conditions: 50% Deposit on booking

Trainee is supply 100% of the clientele for the training

The trainee cannot begin until all course fees are paid in full.Trainee must be in possession of Laser Safety Eyewear OD7+, and Trainee must show proof of an ABN and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Terms and Conditions: All Applicants must have completed our Laser Safety Course All Trainees must have a Trainee licence No trainee may commence their Log Hours, if the Laser Safety course has not been completed and evidence must be provided.


Hair removal

25 hours


Rejuvenation Including Pigmentation Removal

50 Hours



50 Hours


Tattoo removal

100 Hours


All applicants must present their Trainee Licence ,  Your logbook hours include a full audit and record of your clinical procedures including medical checklist, treatment and all procedures as required and listed as “duty of care” attached to cosmetic/medical procedures.

Tattoo Removal


  • Estimate on returns within your business:  1/2 Credit Card  – $80 per visit
  • Back to skin might be between 7-10 visits, no matter what you read on google.  Business card size,  – $160.00 per visit Back to skin 7-12 visits,
  • Half sleeve shoulder to elbow heavy inking top and bottom, $699.00 – $899.00 (budget pricing) per visit – will require numbing agent,  around 45 minutes  Back to Skin around 12 – 15 visits, no matter what you read on google.


PLEASE NOTE: We are not responsible for final laser applications for licencing with relevant Radiation Departments – the student will need to do their own  licence application. If the licencing department rejects any application, this is not the responsibility of Rewind Skin Solutions Training Acadamy or their trainer in any way.


(All enrolments and placements require payment as per terms and conditions 14 days prior to admission and commencement.)

Laser Logged Supervised Hours


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