Mini Hifu Ultrasonic RF Facial

$289 AUD
Color: AU Plug with Box

Mini V-max HIFU Pen for face & neck rejuvenation.

It is a new design home use beauty machine based on the technology of the RF principle. It has the effect of promoting the regeneration of fascia layer and collagen.

1. Depths: Directly works to SMAS

2. Temperature: Non-invasive stimulates the re-generation of collagen.

3. Hifu: Focused ultrasound only works to the treatment area , does not affect surrounding tissue 

4. No down time.

Operation Guide

The Neck: We suggest start from the bottom line of the neck, from the clavicle along the neck lifting to jawbone, either side of the throat.

Caution: We do not do over the throat area. Then from the chin to ear.

The Face: Start from the lowest Intensity, from jawbone to cheekbone, then from mouth to ears, using a lifting movement, then from the side of nose along the cheek muscle lifting to  the temple. 

The EyesStart from the lowest Intensity, from the cheekbone lifting to temple, then from the outer corner of eye lifting to hairline. 

Caution: We do not do over the upper eyelid and orbital bone area.

The ForeheadStart from the lowest Intensity, from between the eyebrows lifting to hairline, working along the top of the eyebrows out to the temple.

Users can do operation back and forth 3-4 times according to personal skin.

Note: During  operation, the cartridge must keep moving on the skin at a constant speed from the very start, we suggest starting the intensity from the lowest, then according to the treatment area to adjust the intensity, adjust to the maximum tolerance, during use, you may will feel hot, some sensitive areas will have the feeling of a little stinging, after use it may feel sore and swollen, this is a normal situation.

Treatment frequency:

For normal skin: Suggested every 3 days for 2 weeks, then 1 x per week .

For sensitive skin: Suggested 1 x per 5 days for 3 weeks, then 1 x per 14 days

You can design the treatment times according to personal skins laxity.

Common side effects:  Detoxification and purging may occur, slight edema, soreness, is normal, usually will recover naturally 1-3 days.

Product Include:

1 x Main Machine

1 x Syringe

1 x Adapter

1 x Pack of Accessories

1 x Manual

1 x Box



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