Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

$59 AUD
Color: Blue

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Soft silicone bristles bringing more powerful cleaning effect and stronger bacterial inhibition.

This product is a high-tech beauty tool aimed for face cleansing problems. Using high-frequency vibration technology combined with a special soft silicone brush head, it can effectively separate dirt, grease and cosmetic residues from your skin.

It deeply cleans the skins surface, open pores,  and ultimately improve your skin. The unique soothing massage mode can help massage the skin around the nose and eyes,relax facial muscles. And help to remove dead skin, promote facial cell renewal, and regenerate skin.

1. 4 levels adjustment.

2. The charging port is hidden by silicone.

3. Food-Grade silicone material, with delicate touch, can be used safely, even for sensitive skin.

4. Two kinds of brush head--Thick brush head on top for better T-zone cleaning, thin brush head for the other parts

Wet face , apply Cleanser to face and massage face with Sonic Cleaner all over skin .

Rinse and Repeat 

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