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Anti-age: choosing your first serum

Welcome to the club of thirty somethings where the super cool life you led in your twenties makes faces at you every morning in the mirror...

Lack of sleep, stress, pollution and a not very balanced diet all play havoc on the skin and speed up the ageing process.

Since the complexion finds it harder and harder to bounce back the older we get, it’s important to add corrective serums to your daily beauty routine.

N°1: The glow boost serum

If your number 1 aim is a glowing complexion this is the serum for you.

 Vitamin C Serum is chock full of antioxidants (and notably vitamin C), to help limit the impact of external aggressors like the famous free radicals on the skin. It is crucial not to neglect the enormous effect of pollutants from the environment  on our epidermis which dulls the complexion and perturbs cellular renewal, thereby accelerating premature ageing. Our recommendation is to use this glow boosting serum under your day cream.Watch as fruit acids reveal a smooth, bright baby-skin.

N°2 : The ultra-hydrating serum

One of the most well known molecules for tackling dehydration and wrinkles is hyaluronic acid. Take on the problem with Rewinds Hyaluronic Serum  ! It plumps the skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production to smooth out expression lines and wrinkles linked to dehydration. It also works on sagging to help your face maintain its shape. And the last piece of good news is that it can be tolerated by sensitive skins.

N°3 : The correcting, anti-blemish serum

Wrinkles are appearing but the spots still haven’t left? We can assure you that this particular unwelcome duo is quite normal. One of our favourite products to keep your skin under control is Rewinds Ultra Clearing Serumwhich contains a veritable cocktail of purifying, regulating ingredients like salicylic acid to ‘peel’ and smooth the skin all the while erasing the marks left by spots, as well as a mix of plants to lower sebum production and keep the pores clear. Ideal for combination to oily skins rather than sensitive complexions.

N°4 : The anti pigmentation serum

There is nothing like an outbreak of dark pigment spots to make your complexion look dull. We would advise paying particular attention to this problem as dark spots, when left untreated can become larger over time, both on the face and chest. Rewinds Enlighten Serum  is one of the best remedies.    Its light texture belies the power of this serum that prevents the production of melanin and stimulates cellular regeneration , with powerful Ingredients like Kojic Acid, Licorice Root & Vit C , and Hyaluronic for Hydrating ,Organic Aloe for soothing & less redness. You will wake up looking as if you’ve had a facial!

N°5 : The all-round anti-age serum

One of our most effective serums, Rewinds Retinol Serum. It works across the spectrum on cellular regeneration by kick-starting your skin’s regenerative capacities. It doesn’t just work on wrinkles and fine lines but also reverses other signs of ageing by firming, repairing and brightening the complexion.

With all Corrective Serums , we suggest you Start slow!

It is important to build tolerance in your skin when using cosmeceutical grade ingredients. All Rewinds corrective serums should be applied as recommended , every second day for the first 2 weeks. After this, you can begin to incorporate the product into your daily regimen


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